Misc. Lead Products

Lead Babbitt

Babbitt alloys provide a low friction lining for bearings made of stronger metals. Babbitts are alloyed with many different types of metal including tin, antimony, arsenic and copper.


Lead repair collars

Lead repair collars are used to make a simple repair to deteriorated closet bends, by directly fitting into the old bend.



Lead foil

Lead foil is a very thin layer of sheet lead similar to other metallic foils.  Lead foil retains the shielding and water barrier properties associated with lead.   It is easy to use since it can be cut with scissors and can be shaped around any contour.   Lead foil is used within the construction, medical, industrial and hobby industries.


Acoustical lead

Lead has been recognized as a sound barrier for years.  The natural high density of lead and availability in non-rigid thicknesses translates into a natural sound reduction material.

Acoustical lead is thin and easy to install.  The pliability of acoustical lead means it is ideal for either retrofit or new construction applications and is used by the construction, industrial, marine, nuclear and medical industries.

The standard thickness of acoustical lead is 1# and 2# but we offer customized options depending on your sound attenuation requirements.  Contact our sales team at 1-877-611-6655 or use our RFQ form to learn more about our lead products.