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Our Products

All of the lead produced by Jamestown is made from 98% recyclable material.

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Our Markets

Jamestown North America offers world-class service by providing a variety of lead products for the construction, roofing/plumbing, medical radiation shielding and industrial radiation shielding markets.

  • Construction
    • The Construction industry discovered and continues to use lead for its ability to be manipulated into any shape, its durability, and its resistance to corrosion. Lead has been used as building materials, sound barriers, counterweights and for water proofing applications.
  • Medical Radiation Shielding
    • Jamestown North America manufactures products used for medical diagnostic testing and medical radiation therapy that provide radiation protection. Our products have numerous customized options to meet your need of portable or permanent solutions.
  • Industrial Shielding
    • Jamestown North America manufactures lead products that are routinely found in equipment for industrial radiation protection. Nuclear facilities use lead products as both a physical barrier and cooling mechanism.