Lead Extrusion

Lead Extrusions afford the ability to create consistent customizable shapes that are easier to mass produce. The extrusion process consists of using force to push lead through a die to create a product with consistent dimensions. The die is completely customizable. Some of the die shapes include square, rectangle, round, oval, D, and star.

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Extruded Solid Rod

Extruded Solid Lead Rod is manufactured in a range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses that are customizable based on your specific needs. The extrusion process means the rod will have a uniform thickness while maintaining the reputation of lead’s durability and cost-effectiveness.

Extruded Lead Wire & Lead Solder

Extruded Lead Wire has been used as a joint sealant and in stained glass for centuries by the construction industry.  Extruded lead wire is available in a variety of diameters.

Lead Solder is ideal because of the low melting point and waterproof nature.  It is found predominately in plumbing, electronics, and stained glass applications.  It is available in several alloys including 40/60, 50/50, 60/40, and 95/5.  We also offer lead-free solders, acid-core-free solders, and rosin-core solders.

Extruded Lead Pipe

Extruded Lead Pipe provides a uniform thickness and is used for a variety of applications. It is commonly used as cable sheathing due to its longevity and is naturally waterproof.   Extruded lead pipes are great for transporting corrosive materials and other liquids.   Extruded lead pipe is highly customizable in length, thickness, and shape based on your specific needs.

Extruded Lead Bar

Extruded lead bars are great for anodes, ballasts, window weights, and burning bars. They are highly customizable and have many applications.

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