Lead-lined Drywall & Plywood

Lead-lined drywall and lead-lined plywood products are ideal for radiation shielding and soundproofing applications. These products are routinely found as walls and ceilings for radiation shielding in hospitals, dentist offices, diagnostic medical facilities, veterinary clinics, and chiropractor offices.

Lead-lined drywall consists of a thin uniform layer of lead sheet adhered to the surface of an industry-standard 5/8” fire-coded piece of drywall (1/2” drywall available upon request). Lead-lined plywood encompasses a layer of lead affixed to the surface of fire retardant plywood, plywood for this application is typically provided in a ¾” thickness.

Drywall is recommended for walls requiring less than 1/8 inch thick lead. Plywood is suggested for walls that require lead greater than 1/8 inch thick. Several drywall and plywood sizes and lead thicknesses are available to accommodate various customer needs and physics requirements.

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Other Lined Lead Products

  • Laminated Lead Sheet: Due to the lack of inherent structural strength of lead sheeting, most applications require that it be supported in some fashion, or laminated in order to make the sheet lead more rigid. As laminated lead panels, Jamestown North America provides plywood (lead-lined plywood), gypsum board (lead-lined drywall), and other supporting materials to provide a more rigid building material.
  • Lead Angles & Discs: Lead angles have been used for lead-lined drywall and lead-lined plywood installations. Lead angles are easy to install. The same grade and thickness of angles should match the lead sheet to maximize the shielding effect. When the drywall is installed, Lead Discs may be used to cover drywall screw heads as an efficient and effective solution to block radiation. Our Lead Discs are available in a standard size of 5/16” x 1/16”.

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